Pavel Baturin

Street life of Brussels


Ghent in the end of tunnel


Take a look?

RAI Amsterdam: entrance group

Just amazing hi-tech entrance group

Amsterdam in September


Evening roofs of Amsterdam

view from my window

Ghent in the mirror


Yet another night in Brugge

Amsterdam shutters

Just looking around

Standart poscard from Amsterdam

september 2015

Ghent street

jan 14

Boat in Ghent


Brussels at night

no tripod, long shutter

Winter in Ghent

Landscape in evening

Roofs of Central district in Amsterdam

my another window

Mirrors of Brugge

Old Europe's beauty

Toy houses in Bruges

The whole square looks like a gingerbread

The Doors

Most beautiful detail of Bruges (imho)

Yet another postcard

I just can't stop posting Bruges :)

Arches of Ghent

Way out

Somewhere in Ghent

Winter is made of bricks in Belgium

Ghent the toytown

Yet another picture from this magic town

Lovely place

My amazing business trip in September 2015

Somewhere in Amsterdam

My amazing business trip in September 2015


It's impossible to visit Amsterdam and do not take a few pictures of the Blumenmarkt

Ghent postcard black & white

I hope that one day I will take a picture of the sunset from the same point