Pavel Baturin

The charm of old Annecy

Untouched frame

Trees in Montreux


Mirror of wood

Inside the Annecy Castle untouched september 2014

rue du Rhône at night 2


Shadows in love

Annecy 2014

Castle 2

B&W version:

Deep streets of Geneva

September 2014

Wide open Annecy

view from the castle

Annecy. The standart

yet another postcard

Swiss Guard 2


Cafe in Geneva

Like a postcard

Geneva's deep

sept 2014

Lake Annecy

Pano of 5 shots

Annecy in color

yet another beautiful view to Ansi

Swiss Guard

september 2014

Annecy Castle

September 2014

Rue du Rhône at Night

September 2014

Geneve's spiderman

September 2014

Native Swiss

looking for something interesting inside their feathers

Early autumn in Montreux


Perspectives in Geneva


Montreux view


Cute streets of Annecy


Swiss Swan


Mirror channel

Annecy, 2014

Geneva old & modern

Just for fun

Castle in Annecy

September 2014

Colors of Annecy

September 2014

Picture with the smell ;)

Съешь еще этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю.

Fisherman and fountain

September 2014


September 2014

pigeon's shower

september 2014

Narrow streets of Annecy


The Zoom

having fun

Mafia of Lake Leman

No one can stop them

Backstreet in Annecy

sunny day in september, 2014

Annecy: just a bridge

I hope to come back one day.

Annecy can't be unseen

Untouched shot