Pavel Baturin

Art of traffic jam

global warming in action

the fog and the postcard


Yauza and the Skyscrapper

View from the Garden ring road bridge

Moscow Kremlin in the evening

The dawn on the Moscow river

Moscow Kremlin in the evening 2

The dawn on the Moscow river


Gorky park

Yauza River At Night

The curve of the river between two roads

Good morning, Moscow!

Yet another sleepless night

Park in october

The crossroad

City Windows

Lights of big business

Yet another morning photo

May 2016

Any given morning

Say hello to the traffic jam

Evening in Moscow

Just a view to the Kremlin from the bridge


morning in Moscow

turn next right


Every single morning

New transport system in Moscow

12 AM - Moscow style

iphone ;)

fog like a milk

and the river

B.Ordynka street

First snow in Moscow

The Bridge

Catching the darkness of reflections

New look at the Landmark

Cold and wet evening

The river and the city

my favorite night mirror

Rain on my car's roof

Another lonely stranger


Traffic trails

studying some standards

Moscow City at night

playing the long shutter

Beauty of fallout in Moscow

I just love to shoot railways ;)

Contextual contrast

Always check where your ads will appear

Sisters 2


Ducks and statues

Lonely stranger :)

Russian colors.

Snow at Red Square

Snow and the lights of GUM on Red square beside of Kremlin

Stairway Z

Playing the curves

Night postcard from Moscow

Moscow never sleeps

View of stone

whatta u lookin' for, huh?

Night bridge 1

trying the long sgutter

Night bridge 3

Long shutter, 0ºC, damn cold

Night bridge 2

stand still, do not brief, long shutter!

Railway to Riga

getting cold on the bridge

Dark Red Square

very strange to see Kremlin with no lights

high-voltage sunset

Mordor's evening

Moscow River

Mordor's Morning

Sunrise in Moscow

Office Building

renovated building beside of red october island

Kremlin in evening

Night is coming


walking under the snow

Old Moscow roofs

Life is happening right now

sedge dancing on a lake

Autumn in the biggest european park 3

this type of summer

Moscow today

bike sadness

playing 50mm


playing macro

Patterns of winter

Gloom of october

Colors of Spring in Moscow


Russia today

The mood of the Moscow

Park Ghost

Halloween in Moscow

Moscow. Autumn. 2


At The Crossroads

Lonely in the park

Place in a village

country life

Wake up, Moscow!

I do love aerial perspective ;)

Christmas night in Moscow

Local traveling 3

Russia today B&W

The mood of the Moscow

3 railway stations square in Moscow

There is a square in Moscow, just three railway stations are on which. Suddenly you did not know.

The dull beauty of the Moscow suburbs

Yep, this is how the our spring looks like

Izmailovo Kremlin

view from the island park

Mirror of the swamp

Izmailovo park's puddles

Forest mirror 2

Yet another puddle

Crossroads of Childhood

Here is a brand new asphalt laid in Izmailovsky park.

On The Other Side

Quick view to Prechistenskaya Embankment from Museon park

Purple Wrong Side Rain

Dancing fountains in Museon Park

Tsar Peter I and the fountains

Night in Museon park in Moscow

Take a seat!

Fountains and furniture beside Tretyakov Gallery

Peter The Great & Brusov The Ship

Another postcard from Museon

Ghosts couple

Ghosts of Museon park

Ghost promenade

Ghosts of Museon park

Walking Ghosts

Ghosts of Museon park

Ghost and the bridge

Ghosts of Museon park

Yauza, shot 2

Another try

Krymskiy Bridge

When I forgot the tripod and took pictures from the parapet

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Yet another night postcard

Yet another fountain

Museon park in May

Stalin's skyscraper, Kotelnicheskaya emb. Moscow

My favorite one of 1930's Moscow skyscrapers.

Deep Forest

The trails of Izmailovo

Yauza river embankment

Usually this road is constrained by an endless traffic jam

Yet another Moscow postcard

The reconstruction of the Kremlin embankment of the Moscow river is in full swing, the cars are in traffic jams, even jams appear on the river.


The night is coming

Pink clouds over the Church of the Holy Trinity

Feel a little bit Claude Monet :)

Podkopaevsky Lane

Friday evening in downtown

One more Yauza river

On the horizon: the temple of Christ the Savior and the Moscow City in the left of the Trinity church. Most of us just got used to seeing all this beauty. We just do not notice it. We just go about our business through traffic jams.

City of contrasts

Car window shot

The mouth of Yauza river

My favorite place. A little further Yauza flows into the Moscow River

Moscow river

Clouds of Mordor

Just before the rain

Taganskaya square this morning

Magic forest in Moscow

Light performance in Ostankino park

Magic forest in Moscow 2

Light performance in Ostankino park

Magic forest in Moscow 3

Light performance in Ostankino park

Magic forest in Moscow 4

Light performance in Ostankino park

Magic forest: the pink tops

Light performance in Ostankino park

Magic forest: lake of lights

Light performance in Ostankino park

Arch of light

Magic forest light performance in Moscow Ostankino park

Bird of light

Magic forest light performance in Moscow Ostankino park

Izmailovo ponds

The last days of summer in Moscow

Izmailovo ponds

The last days of summer in Moscow

Dome of park

Izmailovo in september

Prickles in bloom

Last flowers

Got nuts?

Natural born rodent

Metal overhead

Expressive pedestrian crossing